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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, schools across the country closed and transitioned to "learn from home" lesson plans.

While families struggled to find childcare, coordinate meals and household responsibilities and enact at-home safety precautions, they also worked to make sure their children did not fall behind in school. Seeing the tremendous need, Inspiring Service stepped up to support these families.

StudyHall offers

Free on demand online 1:1 homework help with qualified and approved Helpers in a safe and secure online environment.

Helpers support learners through concepts and problems, from the simple to the complex. No matter their level of study, they'll find the help they need.

Comparative for-profit solutions are cost-prohibitive charging rates of $1 per minute or $10-$100 per question.

This one-of-a-kind program was developed to ensure ALL students have access to academic support when they need it. With the advice and encouragement of leaders at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Cincinnati Public Schools, StudyHall is designed so that everyone has a chance to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

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