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Virtual Homework Help
Equitable learning recovery is still possible through StudyHall, despite physical distancing. The nation’s leading developer of innovative technology connecting volunteers to causes -- including the important task of helping youth thrive -- is offering a tool to provide free 1:1 homework help in a safe and secure online environment.
While other platforms have exhausted their free spots, StudyHall is now being offered at no cost to up to 10 organizations or communities for unlimited use.
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If you have or had volunteers helping students with schoolwork, this special offer is for you.
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FAQs for StudyHall

What is being offered?

After a successful pilot last summer and implementations in public schools in Cincinnati in 2020-21 and Boston in 2021, Inspiring Service is offering the platform to organizations and communities who can use it to re-engage sidelined and under-utilized volunteers and provide students with an online tool facilitating 1:1 free help.

Are there any costs associated with StudyHall?

No. Inspiring Service has committed to provide the tool to up to 10 qualified organizations or communities at no cost to ensure that ALL students have access to academic support — when they need it. The initial phase of applications is intended to support 5th-12th grade math help, but any disciplines can use the platform.

Are there requirements to participate in StudyHall?

The goal of the offer is to get StudyHall utilized by as many volunteers and as many students as possible to help with learning recovery, whether caused by pre-pandemic conditions, the current challenges of recovering from the coronavirus’s impact as well as efforts to build back better in the post-pandemic world.

Can all organizations interested in StudyHall participate?

Yes. Nonprofits, schools, faith-based and/or community organizations are all invited to complete the interest form.

What is included for curriculum?

The platform can support any or all curriculum. Students, parents and volunteers can upload documents to review.

Is video chatting a feature that will be included?

No. Voice and text chat options offer the most communication flexibility and security.

Can peer mentoring organizations participate?


Do you support group mentoring?

No. The platform is designed for 1:1 homework help, and doesn’t support group activities.

How can my organization get started?

Fill out the interest form. StudyHall staff will be in touch. Once approved, a simple Memorandum of Understanding will be drafted and agreed upon. Implementation can begin within weeks of submission.

What kind of training will be available?

StudyHall staff will provide training for an organizational administrator, who will then be positioned to offer training to students and volunteers.

How is my program chosen?

The goal of the program is to get the platform in the hands of as many students and volunteers. Programs achieving large-scale implementation will be given first consideration, but all organizations will be considered.

If our program is chosen and approved, how long until our matches can begin utilizing the platform?

Within weeks of submission.

What’s the difference between StudyHall and CricketSoftware and iCouldBe?

Both great platforms, CricketSoftware features set curriculum for a specific age cohort and iCouldBe offers ongoing, 13-year-old+, single school-year-long mentoring. StudyHall is geared toward episodic homework help, serving students who need help and volunteers who want to provide immediate, short-term help.

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